Don Polye

Date to hear Polye’s standing in UBS case to be set

 This is in the case Opposition Leader Don Polye re-filed, challenging the legality of the government’s decision to acquire the K3 billion from the Union Bank of Switzerland.

Polye’s lawyer, Loani Henao, appeared before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia today for directions.

The Court was told the appeal books that would be used in the case had not been filed yet.

Sir Salamo issued directions for parties to compile the application books before the court hears arguments on whether Polye can bring such application before the Supreme Court.

Polye takes a commanding lead in recount

Polye leads the pack with 8,131 votes, followed by Alfred Manase on 2,955 votes and in third position is Herman Anep with 1,286 votes.          

The recount started on Saturday after lunch following continuous delay caused by unavailability of a counting venue and also action by supporters of the sitting MP who claimed that the ballot boxes was tempered with.    

PPC Enga calls for peace during Kandep recount

The recount was started on Saturday after continuous disruptions.   

The court had directed the recount of the seat after a successful election petition by 2012 runner-up Alfred Manase.

The court ordered that the recount must be counted within 30 days which will lapse this Thursday.

If a winner is not declared by close of counting on Thursday, the PNG Electoral Commission must return to Court and ask for an extension.

Polye blames NCDC, Police for petty crimes

He claimed that Gordon market overtime has become unsafe for both market users and transiting passengers all because of the failure by both the city commission and the police to provide better security.

“I believe the city commission and the police failed to curb the law and order issue in and around the Gordon market.”

Polye added that too many lives have been lost in the vicinity of the Gordons market because of the failure by those in authority to provide the security.

Polye calls on NCDC to come up with market policy

He said proper designated markets within the city limits must be accessible to the city residents.

Polye in a statement said Port Moresby is developing to be a modern city with a mixture of expatriate population with different nationalities living together.

He said NCDC must have both local and expatriate population in mind when building public utilities in the city.

He added that the designated markets within the city must be safe and accessible to reach by both local and expatriate population.

Court refuses to stay re-count

The Supreme Court today refused to allow a Slip Rule application that was filed by sitting Kandep MP, Don Polye to proceed to a hearing.

Polye filed the slip rule application asking the court to revisit its decision of Sept 6, alleging the court fell into error when it issued an order for a re-count.

On May 2, the National Court ordered a count of 5 disputed ballot boxes from the areas of  Lungutenges No.1, Kombros No.1, Kambia No. 1, Maru and Imipaka however the Full court on Sept 6 varied that order, and told the Electoral Commission to conduct a re-count in 30 days.

Polye calls for pilots’ reinstatement

He called on them not to compromise the safety of the travelling passengers.

Polye said the sacking of the pilots would result in the remaining pilots doing over time to cover loss of manpower and ultimate disruption of flight services.

He said this will risk the lives of the travelling passengers.

He called on the management of Air Niugini to place the safety of the travelling passengers as a priority.

Polye further called on the Minister for Public Enterprise to intervene.

LOOP PNG’s 5@5

Surprising to see MPs pretending, says Polye
Opposition Leader Don Polye says he is surprised to see that MPs in the government are pretending as if everything is just fine.

Delayed Kandep recount to take place

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader and Kandep MP Don Polye lawyers are trying to ask the Supreme Court to reverse its decision after ordering the recount.   

The Slip Rule application will be heard tomorrow in Port Moresby.

Gamato told Loop PNG that the recount will be of all the 2012 ballot boxes will be held unless the court rules otherwise.

“There is a slip rule application before the Supreme Court but does not stop us from doing the recount, it will continue until the court decides otherwise,” Gamato said.

O’Neill clears air on pilots’ sacking

O’Neill told Loop PNG that claims by Opposition leader Don Polye and Concerned Professionals spokesperson Captain James Makop on the sacking of eight Air Niugini pilots lacked evidence.

“Again their claims are absolutely false claims without any evidence, the state owned companies are managed independently.

“Politicians and intending candidates should stop using professionals and students for their political games,” O’Neill told Loop PNG.