Justice Ministry Launches Law Publications

Minister for Justice Bryan Kramer officially launched the publications in front of government bureaucrats and prominent lawyers in the private and public sector.

The two publications are; The Attorney General’s Law Journal, Vol. 2 and The Constitution of Papua New Guinea. Attorney General Dr. Eric Kwa and Prof. Edward P. Wolfers wrote the publications.

Minister Kramer said it was a privilege and an opportunity for him to launch the two law publications, which is vital for lawyers. The books capture legal issues and major policy changes in the country.

Weed Out Corruption: Kramer

He made these remarks after one of the Department’s official vehicle was stolen.

“Last week, one of our official vehicles was stolen from our office carpark, and in no time, it was tinted and the official plate number was changed to a private plate number.

The vehicle was recovered with the help of police. Our own staff orchestrated this theft, we know who they are, and the police has arrested and charged some of them.

“More will be arrested in the coming days, charged and dismissed from employment”, added Minister Kramer.

Anti-Corruption Project Targets Key Areas

Civil Society, youth organizations and the media will also benefit from project.

The project will focus on four key areas;