District Service Improvement Program (DSIP)

​K500,000 for law and order improvement

This is to support police operations in the Moresby South electorate, including programs and activities through the police stations and their commands.

Minister for Lands and Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, said this during the joint police station parade at Badili police station on Wednesday morning.

“The funds will help as well to enhance the community policing project that has been going on for the last five years in the markets, public places and suburban areas of Moresby South,” he said.

Sohe becomes first district to acquit all funds

This was revealed today when Minister Gore presented the 2016 DSIP acquittal report for Sohe to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD).

Minister Gore is the only current sitting MP to have acquitted all DSIP funds from 2013 to last year.

The Minister thanked her District administration and treasury for ensuring that all necessary paper work was available for compilation and presentation.

 “We are proud to be presenting these acquittals because we are going into elections and I want to clean my backyard before I go into elections.

Pruaitch defends DSIP funding

He was answering a series of questions about the relevance of DSIP funds after revealing the 2017 National Budget at the press lock-up on Monday.

After savings measures were introduced with declining revenue, all government priority areas experience cuts in the K12.9 billion budget handed down, except the DSIP component.  

But Provincial Service Improvement Program (PSIP) money allocated to provincial government to support their districts got a K10 million slice.

DSIP auditing will be in place says Minister Abel

DSIP allocation did not see any changes in the 2017 National Budget handed down by the Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch on Monday.   

“You will find out the PSIP (Provincial Service Improvement Program) have come down it had been K5 million per district, have been reduced by K10 million.

“A very important platform for this government is subnational empowerment, it is not only funding DSIP, but it goes down to funding health, education, law and order, transport and services in a major way,” Abel said after the handing down of the Budget.