​K900m poultry industry under threat

The Poultry Industry Association of PNG (PIA) raised the concern after discovering that uncooked frozen poultry products are being imported illegally.

“This is extremely dangerous for PNG farmers and wildlife because highly virulent H5N1 Avian influenza, or Human Bird Flu, Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bursal Disease, can be carried on frozen carcasses,” PIA spokesman, Dr Keith Galgal, said.

“This is a serious concern to PNG families and a breach of PNG import biosecurity protocols.

How soap, chairs and clothing could stop mosquito bites -- and diseases

These nets are credited with nearly 70% of malaria cases prevented since 2000.

But despite this progress, the disease continues to kill, and experts believe creative ideas are needed to help those who remain unprotected -- especially when they're away from home.

It's all around you

Airborne dust raises health and safety fears

In a statement, Dr Abathi said while governments and businesses around the world had been co-operating to reduce the likelihood of injury from asbestos and coal dust, fugitive dust from roads and worksites could cause health issues among workers and neighbouring communities.

He said the health costs could be significant for the government, and those failing to stop the problem from occurring.

“We know that airborne particle pollution causes more than 3000 premature deaths each year in Australia,” Dr Abtahi said.