Disaster response

PNGDF, US Army complete DREE exercise

In the face of such challenges, a well-prepared and knowledgeable response is critical to recovery.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive disaster response preparation, the PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) and U.S. Army Pacific curated a five-day seminar that brings together academics, community leaders, and disaster response professionals.

Community leader upset with disaster response

John Tipa is one of the many victims of the earthquake that struck the Highlands region at 3.44am on Monday (Feb 26).

“I lost everything that’s why I’m very upset with the provincial government employees here, from the deputies to the directors,” Tipa said.

“They have vehicles, they have been resourced; they have to be here on the ground to assist all the victims throughout the province.

“Where are all the public servants?”

Gov't lack effective disaster response

Mr Polye has slammed the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for directing his government’s response through the District Development Authorities.

He said such direction had forced the DDAs to forgo priority infrastructures when the funds were mobilized for relief supplies or vice versa.

“Open MPs chair the boards and often appoint their political allies to dominate the boards.

“Researchers and other experts have described how some MPs direct relief efforts to their political supporters rather than according to the communal need,” said Polye.