Disaster preparedness

The key to disaster preparedness

Earthquakes can happen at any time. Typhoons, cyclones, floods and volcanic eruptions are among the many natural disasters that occur around us and there is a huge difference between being prepared and not being prepared when a natural disaster strikes.

Japan, like PNG, experiences earthquakes, floods from rain, cyclones and volcanic eruptions but it has changed its awareness of disaster preparedness and is targeting children with disaster education.

Japan shows effective monitoring for natural hazards

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) monitors and predicts natural events like typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes and climate change.

JMA, with 5,200 staff nationwide, also provides information for securing air traffic safety, development and prosperity of industry and international cooperation.

Pacific Island countries, including Papua New Guinea, can learn from Japan when preparing for disasters by also adapting an effective monitoring system.

Despite the disadvantage of not having advanced technology, PNG should start investing in this vital area.