Digicel CellMoni

Superannuation Information Reaches Finschhafen

In its recent engagement in December, the fund’s Lae team travelled to Finschhafen to visit the Wamora Farmers association. The association is made up of coffee, cocoa and vanilla farmers from the Wareo region of Kotte LLG in Finschhafen.

On the 23rd of December, Nasfund special Projects Manager Judah Waffi led a second group which included representatives from Digicel CellMoni and BSP Financial Group.

310 members of Wamora Farmers Association issued with membership cards, are also registered with Eda Supa.

Digicel Cellmoni partners with STREIT project

The training was facilitated by Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as part of the STREIT project.

CellMoni and MiBank utilized the training opportunity to introduce digital financial services by conducting awareness and education about mobile wallets. 

Services such as loan repayments or Superannuation contribution through CellMoni were explained to add convenience into their daily financial life.