Why do police lose most of their cases?

Detective officers simply did not know how to compile and assemble a case file.

This consists of tying evidence together and conducting proper records of interviews to put in a brief to be handed over to prosecution to prosecute the case.

Assistant Commissioner for Police-Operation, Raphael Huafolo, revealed that officers do not know exactly what to do and this has resulted in police losing a lot of its cases.

20 detectives complete training

The detective training came under the Papua New Guinea-Australia Policing Partnership Program at the Bomana Police Training College.

Present to close up the training and congratulate the trainees was Assistant Commissioner for Police, Raphael Huafolo.

ACP Huafolo said for the last 15 years or so, the force has been missing out on vital trainings and courses like this.

“It is just fortunate that we have our Australian counterparts to assist us under this program.”