Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations

Concern for family sexual violence support

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations, Jim Andrews, revealed there is a huge disparity between cases reported and convictions made.

Andrews says most cases do not run their full course because the victims withdraw them, adding that in most cases, the offender is often the main provider so the victim has no choice.

The DCP says there is a real need to give them that option that whatever level of support they are getting from the offender, this should be continued by the State through the trial and beyond.

Police personnel urged to be neutral during Elections

The directive is to control the misuse of delegated duties, to minimise the abuse of police powers and corrupt practices during the polling and counting periods.

Andrews said due to the importance of casting of votes and counting of ballot papers he has directed that tight security and safety will be maintained by Police, Defence and CS personnel in all polling and counting locations throughout the country.