Department of Personnel Management

Kali urges public servants to uphold values

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, John Kali says there are six values that the public service needs to uphold in daily decision making and conduct.

These are honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, wisdom and responsivity.

Kali said public servants must be honest and always stand up and speak out for the truth.

They must have integrity and moral ethical principles in their private and public life in a manner that attracts respect, trust and sense of dependability.

Proposed health strike deferred

The strike was planned to be effective as of 4.06pm on Friday, December 9, for the duration of three weeks. However, it was called off due to the arbitration tribunal in progress.

PNGHSWA general secretary Jack Suao confirms that they have started negotiations with the Department of Personnel Management and the National Department of Health.

The strike was planned against DPM for the prolonged delay on the log of claims, including their housing allowance, pay increase, leave entitlements and other industrial matters.