Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management

Need for a new mineral dept office


Secretary Kore says the department is a key government agency yet it is currently housed in a facility which constantly needs maintenance.

He said despite the trying economic situation the country is facing, he is pushing to have funding for the plan.

Secretary Kore stated that after moving out of their last office building, a pre-colonial structure, which was later condemned as not suitable, they moved into the Newtown buildings which also required continuous upkeep.

​Alluvial mining policy to be developed

He announced on Tuesday that the alluvial policy was one of the main policy initiatives for the industry as part of his first 100 days in office.

Tuke said there is a huge potential for the industry and proper frameworks must be established to manage it well.

“I have directed the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management (DMPGM) to work with the Mineral Resource Authority, to develop a policy for the alluvial mining sector in PNG.

Six new mining policies to guide activities

This was highlighted yesterday during the launching of the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management’s Corporate Plan 2017 – 2022 and Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022 in Port Moresby.

Minister for Mining, Byron Chan, in his keynote address said the policies accompany the recently concluded Mining Act review carried out by the DMPGM to improve the supervision of mining activity in the country.