Department of Lands and Physical Planning

ILG registration extended

Since 2012, 2000-plus ILGs have registered their land and the department, starting next year, will have teams going out to the provinces to register ILGs.

Over 18,000 Integrated Land Groups registered prior to 2012 will have to re-register their land.

Landowners from all sectors, including agriculture, mining and forestry are encouraged to do so before 2022. This is because all existing ILGs were never sanctioned properly, with over 70 percent of those identified as non-genuine landowners from the urban areas.

Konebada Park declaration to be reviewed

Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, Justin Tkatchenko made mention of this when presenting an ILG certificate to customary landowners of the Arere Morea Gunina ILG from Porebada yesterday.

Tkacthenko said the Prime Minister has already given instructions on that and department is currently working on it at the moment.

 He said it is causing problems for the land owners, ILG’s and PNG Port as well; there are water leases and protection and many other issues that have risen through the Konebada Park declaration.

Allan hands over title to Tkatchenko

This took place in a handover ceremony at the Department of Lands and Physical Planning in Port Moresby today.

Outgoing Minister Allan welcomed the incumbent minister in his speech, adding that he believes Tkatchenko will do what the department intends on doing to carrying out its vision and goals for the country in regards to lands and physical planning.