Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)

Driving forces for more research and innovation

National Research Institute (NRI) in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) have signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and is currently on a mission to address the matter.

This partnership will enhance research exchange initiatives, and teaching cooperation, promote joint projects, and leverage resources capabilities that seek to develop solutions to address contemporary challenges in the ICT space.

Policing to be improved in digital space

Both parties will now work together to establish technical working groups for e-policing and cyber cooperation.

During the signing ceremony, DICT presented a prototype on the police clearance online application that will be introduced soon.

Secretary for DICT Steven Matainaho, stated that the department is only giving technical support to partner up with RPNGC and solve issues.

DICT is progressively working towards digitizing the government system to improve services for the public by reducing costs and increasing efficiency, Matainaho continued.

Government technology stack unveiled

This effective approach aims to revolutionize digital transformation in PNG, setting the stage for a cost-effective, streamlined, and measurable approach to accelerate the country’s digitalization agenda.

DICT Secretary, Steven Matainaho said the adoption of a technology stack approach is crucial to PNG’s digital transformation journey.

He emphasized its significance in promoting the use of interoperable, generic, and reusable building blocks for digitizing services.

DICT Staff conquer public service induction

SILAG’s Business Relations and Strategic Relations Director (BISR), Allan Kamale, stressed on the importance of accountability and transparency in public service at the graduation ceremony yesterday.

"When you go out, have it in your mind that you are serving the people of PNG and God, and I hope you go back and become better versions of yourselves,” he stated.

DICT Secretary Steven Matainaho acknowledged the efforts of SILAG for successfully inducting the DICT staff into public service. He urged the inductees to remember their role in the department and the country.

ICT Staff Undergo Gender Equity Training

This training falls under the ICT Department’s commitment to creating a fair and equitable environment that is free from discrimination for all its staff, who will drive the #digitaltransformation agenda in Papua New Guinea.

To achieve this, the Department has established a Gender Equity & Social Inclusion (GESI) Desk that is working closely with the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) to establish a policy framework to drive the GESI agenda in the ICT Department.