Department of Education

Relations Strengthened Through Education

On 17th November 2021, at the Senate in the Palais Du Luxembourg in Paris, Minister Uguro met with Madam Catherine Procaccia, both exchanged ideas and views of regional concerns also taking in account partnership in cultural, educational and climate action matters.

The 41st UNESCO General Assembly in Paris, joined Papua New Guinea and the Republic of France in discussion on the possibilities of working towards strengthening and deepening their bilateral cultural and economic relations.

Education Dept Farewells Officer

The Fincorp Haus was closed with staff waiting to receive the body of late Mr Nanege and accorded him a deserving send off in recognition of his service to the department.

He passed away on 11 October after suffering a short illness leaving behind a job he devoted his life to, his family and friends. Late Japheth from Laiagam District in Enga Province was the first officer to be farewelled in the car park due to the imposed COVID-19 restrictions.

Over K25m Remitted To Schools

Minister Uguro said out of the K486.3 million allocated for this year, K268.5 million has been released so far, from which K248.4 million has been paid to schools, while K217.7 million is still outstanding for Terms 3 & 4.

A total payment of K20 million is being processed for secondary and vocational schools.


“I want to remind all the schools and their administrations once again to use the money wisely and spend only on priority areas that will improve the quality of teaching and learning in their school.


620 Elementary Teachers deregistered

Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra provided the numbers, after reports came out in the media of the delay in issuance of teaching diplomas. 

As of last week, the Department of Education has been deregistering elementary teachers, and to date has removed 620 of them.

Dr Kombra says these 620 teachers are currently teaching in elementary schools around the country.

After going through teacher qualifications, they found that 620 did not qualify for college, but were enrolled.

Education dept plans series of seminars

Adopting this, the Department of Education will have a series of seminars to learn and share knowledge with each other.

The Education Seminars will create an opportunity for staff within the Education Department to share their knowledge and skills but importantly, the seminars will spark intellectual debate and discussions on education development in the country.

Reformation in the curriculum and the tuition fee free policy will be well debated topics.

Education Department to improve data collection for schools

The development of the program started three years ago and aims to have all the profiles of the school systems in the country captured into one central system.

Minister for Education Nick Kuman said this process makes it easy to distribute the tuition free fees (TFF) payments to all schools.

“We must ensure that profiles for schools are registered in a data base system so we would know vital information like where the school is located, its registration number and level of the school.

Teachers, educators commit themselves

This was the theme for the Department of Education dedication service that was held yesterday at the Papua New Guinea Education Institute.

The service was to dedicate 2017 as the year for teachers and educators to commit themselves to their teaching profession.

Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra highlighted priorities to give children quality education, while the dedication service was to declare commitment to God, family and country to achieve the Vision 2050.

The Grade 11 selection list for 2017

As part of Loop PNG’s effort to reach out to our parents, students, readers and advertisers, this innovative idea helps all our users get information quickly and without hassle.

We are promoting the link to the 2017 Grade 11 selection list for schools in PNG. We are using this information courtesy of the Department of Education.

Clink on the link for the full listing:

25,000 from 63,000 grade 10s get into Grade 11

Out of 63,000 Grade 10 students from 263 provincial high and secondary schools nationwide, about 25 000 are eligible to continue to Year 11 in 2017.

These include about 15,191 males and 9,731 females.

This was confirmed by the Department of Education (DoE) following the one week selection exercise done by principals and guidance teachers from schools all over the country.

DoE revealed that few provinces are graduating more Grade 10 students with good marks but they’re not able to select everyone due to the limited number of secondary schools in the province.

NCDC now in charge of city schools operations

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today between the Minister for Education and the NCD Governor in Port Moresby.

The signing officially begins the work of transferring the powers and functions under the NCD Education Service Division in the Department of Education to the NCDC.

DoE will only be responsible for determining national policies and standards while NCDC will now take responsibility of all registered elementary, primary, secondary and vocational schools in the city.