Department of Community Development Youth and Religion

Department visits inmates

Secretary Anna Solomon, including the Department staff, visited the Bomana facility to deliver Christmas goodies for the inmates; both male and female.

With the visit having coincided with the grand finale of their in house sporting games of rugby, soccer and volleyball, secretary Solomon said she was happy to note the progress of the inmates’ rehabilitation.

Correctional Service Commissioner, Michael Waipo, thanked the Department for having spared their thoughts and time to bring gifts for the inmates, let alone paying them a visit this festive season.

Good year for community development dept

Despite being one of the lowest funded agency, Solomon says it has seen a lot of achievements in the year.

The department has seen many inaugural programs, including; the first public service dedication service, the first men’s forum which saw men establishing their role in addressing gender-based violence and the first Children’s forum where representatives from top schools in PNG talked about their (children’s) social challenges.

Protection officers empowered


Ms Solomon said the outcome of regional workshops has been positive with officers gaining confidence to perform their roles effectively.

‘They know what actions to take when children are in need of protection, they also know what steps to take, where to refer too, how they can also represent them in court if there is no lawyer, so they feel really empowered.

“And I’m very happy to announce that because all the guidelines and training manuals have been developed to guide them,” Secretary Solomon said.

Bridging the village and district gap

Secretary responsible, Anna Solomon, said this today when opening the 2016 Development Partners Alignment Forum.

She said delivering government services to the district has been problematic because of the missing link bridging the district to the villages.

Solomon said the establishment of several new offices in the Department aims to overcome this disadvantage.

“How can we work together to reach that gap?” Solomon asked development partners representatives.

Department to make Bible study compulsory for schools

This includes the elementary level right up to secondary schools.

Secretary for Community Development, Anna Solomon, said Bible study is vital for early childhood learning as it teaches Christian principles.

She said children must grow up in the kind of environment that will define respect; social issues like gender-based violence are all defined in the Bible.

If these principles are taught to children, goodness will be instilled in them at a young age so the Government wouldn’t work hard to create laws to protect people.

Dedication service hosted for public servants

The service was hosted for the first time at the Sir john Guise Indoor Complex and facilitated by the Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion.

The event marked the official prayer and dedication year for all public servants throughout the country.

The theme for the dedication service was ‘Servants of God Chosen and Called to Serve’.

The ceremony was attended by Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari with all department heads to open the new public service year.

Govt partnership with churches must follow policy guideline

Abel said the Department of National Planning and Monitoring tries to keep the implementation of public funds as focused as possible on outcomes and align as much as possible with government’s purpose and intention.

He explained that it’s the role of churches to facilitate the spiritual development of the people and it is the role of government to facilitate the goods and services to the people.

“We use public funding to partner with churches and other partners to facilitate and support government’s role.

Laws amended to help protect children

The Marriage Act will give a clear definition of customary and non-customary marriage and the Matrimonial Causes Act will deal with settling marriage disputes between husband and wife.

Secretary for the Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion Anna Solomon said that the two proposed amendment Acts will also protect children.

Solomon explained that in the marriage act, married couples will have to comply through civil registration office, having only one registered customary marriage but recognition of all the children.