David Inau

Difficult to measure accidents within industry, says Inau

This is according to David Inau, Chief Executive Officer for the Accident Investigation Commission [AIC] of the PNG Civil Aviation Safety Authority [CASA].

Inau says that AIC did not provide statistics during a presentation at the high-llevel civil aviation safety and security conference because there are no trends in PNG aviation. This is due to several factors, including the period in between when accidents and or incidents occur, and the varied difference of each case.

Three survived initial impact: PNG AIC

Inau said the twin-engine Britten Norman Islander aircraft that was operated by Vanimo-based Sunbird Aviation, was only 33 seconds away from landing or 1200 metres short from the runway.

“On the final approach, the aircraft was seen to have pitched up and then entered into a spiral descent and ended up crashing.”

He said the process of investigation has started, which will be long and tedious due to the fact that smaller aircraft of this category by law are not fitted with a cockpit voice recording device.