Data Security

OTML Addresses Data Risks

OTML Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Musje Werror, said this in response to queries regarding the Mineral Resources Authority’s (MRA) plan to establish a mineral repository to monitor copper and gold production in the country.

Mr Werror said all mining operations under the revised Mining Act are obligated to provide this information to MRA.

Data Governance Vital

The Digital ID and Data Governance session received input speakers from the Department of Information Communication Technology (DICT), YuTru, a digital trust framework, and the Civil and Identity Registry.

Robert Asari, Executive Manager, DICT Digital Government & Shared Services said data must be seen as an asset in order for it to have value and be used in value chains.

Transforming the way we look at the internet and data security

In fact, the implications of VR in the IT world are enough to provide solid proof that this form of virtual technology can be utilized in the business and tech sectors effectively and continuously alike.