SJ Ambulance Stoned

The St John Ambulance crew was heading to an emergency at 7pm on Monday 12th June when the ambulance was stoned at 2-mile in the Moresby-South electorate. The ambulance was responding to a patient injured from a fall.

St John management said when ambulances have lights and sirens on it shows that it is a critical life-threatening priority one case. It said that one or two from a group of men at 2-Mile chose to stone the ambulance when they could have let the ambulance pass.

Court: Eluh’s dismissal illegal

 Eluh was dismissed from the constabulary over disciplinary reasons on 23 October 2015.  

He was however suspended on June 20, 2014 for a previous incident of insubordination.

Eluh served on a three-year contract from July 15, 2013, to July 15, 2016.

He was part of the team from the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, which was instrumental in investigating allegations of fraudulent funds from 2013 with the now abolished Investigation Task Force Sweep team.

Following a change in the Police Commissioner’s post, that suspension was lifted.

Preliminary damages in Fiji currently stand at US$161 million

The number of completely destroyed homes around the country is 7,043.

The number of partly damaged homes is 11,111.