Daga village

Daga village to host Digaso festival

With the theme “Strongim na Wok Bung Wantaim”, it calls for the local communities to share ideas, strengthen each other and work together to enhance growth in their communities.

The festival continues to bring hope to more than 40 different indigenous conservation communities from Kutubu, Bosavi and Kikori areas as well those from Hela, Enga and the nearby surrounding LLGs.

​Kundu and Digaso Festival is on again!

The theme for this year’s festival is “My Song, My Dance, My Story, Saving my home for tomorrow”.

Two fun-filled days are planned to mark the 7th festival.

Exquisite traditional dances and singsing from all parts of Southern Highlands and neighbouring provinces will be showcased.

Featured over the 2 days also will be canoe racing,  contemporary performances, rich cultural activities, arts and crafts displays and demonstration of the Digaso oil and trading links between Kutubu and Kikori.