CyberCrime laws

Parliament passed Cybercrime Code Bill

The Bill is a significant piece of legislation designed to deal with crimes and offences committed against individuals, the public, government agencies or corporate entities through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Introducing the bill for the third reading today before it being passed, Communication Minister Jimmy Miringtoro said the Government is mindful that the use of ICTs inevitably introduces correlative security concerns for individuals, businesses, and the public sector that need to be addressed.

Enforcement of cyber laws not settled - Chief Censor

PNG Chief Censor Steven Mala says no discussions have taken place on how the law will be implemented.

Mala says he is concerned about how stakeholders will monitor or filter what goes through cyber communities in order to enforce the laws.

“We must have a platform to effectively implement this law. It’s one thing to have a policy but it is another thing to implement,” he says.

Cyber crime refers to offences committed using electronic devices, systems and or networks.