Cyber security law

New computer response team launched

The team comprises experts from various stakeholders and agencies who will address and mitigate vulnerabilities that threaten the cyber environment and infrastructure.

The launching sets the pace for the implementation of the Cyber security law and APEC preparations.

Mobile phones are an integral part of most Papua New Guinean women, men and children and the abuse of mobile communications is a widespread issue giving rise to cybercrime in the country.

China passes cybersecurity law to tighten its control over the internet

Now, the Chinese government has approved a broad new controversial cybersecurity regulations that would further strengthen the country's censorship regime, making it more difficult for technology companies to operate in the country.

Made public on Monday, the legislation, passed by China's rubber-stamp parliament and set to go into effect in June 2017, aims at combating growing threats like hacking and terrorism, but actually comes with data localization, real-name requirements, and surveillance.