CS Commissioner

Commissioner refutes reports

Waipo says that feedback was received from the staff as required by the investigating team.

 “That statement was incorrect and misleading. The staff were ready to respond and they gave information to the team.”

The assistant commissioner responsible and his team had actually picked up responses from staff and left with a lot of valuable information.

The team is now at the stage where they are to provide a report back to commissioner regarding their investigations with the staff at Bomana so a way forward can be established for the long run.

CS remembers fallen members

The 17th of February is commemorated each year by the Correctional service to pay respects of the first ever CS casualties recorded during the Bougainville crisis in the 1990’s.

“This brings us to 28 years since then. It gives me great sadness as I stand before you all to commemorate this day with the legacy of those who had gone ahead,” Waipo expressed.

Waipo said the Remembrance Day is not only for those who were killed, but also those who died pushing to better improve the institution.

Nepo given time to fix appeal books

The Supreme Court gave Nepo until July 22 to prepare appeal books and also obtain the National Court audio transcripts from May 5.

Nepo’s appeal is challenging the decision of the National Court, which was handed down by Justice Collin Makail on May 5, quashing his appointment as acting Commissioner and reinstating Michael Waipo as Correctional Service Commissioner.

On June 24, a three-judge Supreme Court bench dismissed an application filed by Nepo seeking to stay that National Court decision and reinstate him to office as Commissioner Correctional Service.

Legitimate government appointed me commissioner

Speaking to media outside the Waigani Court house, Nepo said the court has made a decision but the government of the day has appointed him as the commissioner.

Nepo said the court is basically there to interpret the law and it does not “have the power to appoint a person because the government of the day appoints”.

“I am a servant of the government and that legitimate government appointed me as the Commissioner, I am sure that the public know that I am the commissioner,” Nepo said despite the court ruling otherwise.