Public gather in numbers to receive decision

Court room 1 was packed to capacity as the public quietly sat to hear the decision that was handed down after 10am.

Outside the courtroom, the public stood around the foyer, others waited outside the main car park for the outcome of the decision.

“Victory for Papua New Guinea! Victory for Papua New Guinea!” They shouted in excitement over the decision today.

Media personnel had to squeeze their way through the crowd of supporters to get an interview with Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil and lawyer representing the Opposition, Loani Henao.

Hela crowd swamp Waigani court house

They gathered outside the court house today hoping to be the first to hear the outcome of the National Court’s decision over who will be the governor of the province.

Crowds of supporters gathered under the trees near the Court house gate entrance while another group gathered at the car park.

Police presence was also heavy outside the court house gate checking cars going in.