Cricket PNG

Village Cricket Ends On High Note

The 8-team tournament was first of its kind and intended to provide an opportunity for young cricketers to challenge current and former PNG Barramundis.

As anticipated it was an showdown with excitement and high class of domestic cricket over two days Saturday and Sunday, November 20-21) as the teams converged at the Amini cricket park to showcase their skills, talents and experience.

Cricket PNG General Manager, Tony Naidu said this was an opportunity for rising cricketers mostly U19 Garamuts playing alongside or against current and former PNG Barras players.

Cricket Tournament Bowls Off

The 8-team tournament is intended to provide an opportunity and challenge for young cricketers playing with and against star PNG Barramundis at another level, while there will be major cash incentives up for grabs as well over the two days event.

Cricket PNG General Manager, Tony Naidu said this is an opportunity for youngsters to either play alongside or against our star PNG Barra players and maybe get a call up to the national team.

Garamuts Prepare Ahead Of U19 World Cup

Cricket PNG General Manager Tony Naidu said after all the emotions and  disappointments of the PNG Lewas, the management team under Cricket PNG Identification Manager Rodney Maha have started the process of getting NID certificates done for the boys before they can get their passports.

Naidu said with the late withdrawal of the Lewas from the ICC Women’s T20 qualifiers, they now realise and understand that it is not easy to travel internationally under the current global pandemic restrictions.

Barras Share T20 Experience

It was a proud moment for many Papua New Guineans and especially cricket fanatics, seeing the Barras compete at the cricket World Cup cricket. It was also an emotional moment for Cricket PNG, sponsors, families and fans.

Captain, Chris Amini when speaking on behalf of the players said: “This was the first time to participate at the T20 World Cup and it was a wonderful experience representing over 8 million people back in the country with thousands watching on TV.”

Premier League Launched

The tournament is a high-level cricket competition that will see men’s teams from Port Moresby and the regional centres compete with major cash incentives up for grabs.

The launch marks another level of elite cricket competition that will provide an opportunity for young and old cricketers from regional centres competing against some of PNG’s top cricketers.

Village Premier League launched

Following the success of the Village World Cup Series, there was a great deal of interest from teams to have a high-level competition that follows a similar format. 

To satisfy this demand, Cricket PNG initiated the VPL 2021 that will be played at Amini Park on the weekend of November 20 and 21. 

The VPL 2021 will be run as a high-level franchise/club competition, using the Indian Premier League (IPL) as the model for teams to adopt.

First prize will be K10,000; the highest prize ever offered for a domestic event run by Cricket PNG. 

PNG lose to Scotland

Scotland scored 165 in 20 overs, led by Richie Berrington's 70, Matthew Cross's 45 off 36 balls, which included two sixes and two fours, and George Munsey's 15.

An entertaining knock down the order by Norman Vanua gave PNG fans some late hope. He and Kiplin Doriga added 53 off just 29 balls but having been 35/5 at that point in chase of a target of 166, PNG had left it too much too late.

Kabua Morea, PNG's top bowler, got four wickets for 31 runs in four overs, Chad Soper took three wickets for 24 runs in four overs, and Simon Atai grabbed one wicket.

PNG’s Leap Of Faith Lands World Cup Debut

The majority of the team taking the field hail from a single village located on the southern Papuan coast near the capital, Port Moresby.

Hanuabada, which means "big village", has been considered cricket's spiritual home in the former British protectorate since it was first played there in the early 1900s.

"The game was introduced to the villagers by the missionaries. The people fell in love with the sport and embraced it because of the Christian influence," international umpire Lakani Oala told Reuters.

Set for Village Cricket T10

The event aims to celebrate the Kumul Petroleum PNG Barramundis’ historic participation in the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup.

The cricket world cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates and Oman starting Sunday, October 17th.

Cricket PNG, with the support of the PNGAus Partnership, is facilitating the Village Cricket T10 World Cup after initially postponing it due to COVID-19 measures. 

Cricket PNG 100% vaccinated

General Manager Tony Naidu said Cricket PNG is following COVID-19 measures to keep everyone safe.

Naidu said Cricket PNG made it its responsibility from the get-go, to have all players and staff vaccinated, with the understanding that cricket is an international sport, with strict travel requirements.

“We have put some things forward in the sense that we make it our business to protect our staff, athletes and the general public. COVID-19 is real and therefore we did everything we could, and at the same time abide by the NCC restrictions on COVID-19,”said Naidu.