COVID-19 pandemic

Wong: Set Aside Political Differences

"As our country deals with this crisis it is no time for senseless politics. We need all Leaders to put differences aside, and work with a common resolve to fight back against COVID-19.

"How many Leaders in this House have been encouraging their constituents to

get vaccinated? … How many leaders are standing up and joining the Prime Minister to push for greater vaccination?"

He added that vaccination keeps people out of the healthcare system.

UN-India Partnership Fund Backs PNG

As the number of infected people soar, emergency response services have been stretched to limit. Ambulance services have struggled as calls for assistance grow.

This situation is made worse by alarmingly weak COVID-19 vaccination rates, of which PNG is among the lowest in the world.  

Health Workers Urged To Get Vaccinated

"While vaccine remains optional I am encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. Vaccines save lives. 

“There is a relative increase in vaccination, but it is still a tiny margin. We still have a long way to go before we reach that satisfactory target many countries have already reached for their people.

Also, in recognizing the dangerous operating environment health care staff work in, the Prime Minister further directed the Department of Health to immediately identify and implement health insurance options for all frontline health workers.

COVID-19 pandemic a threat to Pacific

He said this in his address at a virtual Pacific Island Forum Leaders Meeting with 
UN Secretary General, H.E Antonio Guterres, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City this week.

“COVID-19 presents the biggest threat to the health and wellbeing of Pacific Peoples and indeed, the world, in over a century,” Marape said.

COVID-19 Affects Goroka Show

The renowned Goroka Show was cancelled at the last minute disappointing many who were already in town for the Show.

Local artists, Small, and Medim Enterprises spent a lot of money to travel into Goroka, some as performers, sellers of their local artefacts and many as spectators.

The announcement came from the Office of EHP Governor, Peter Numu and the Office of the Controller for PNG COVID-19 pandemic in the light of the increase of Delta Variant cases and deaths.

Businesses To Work Closely With NCC

This arrangement is vital as the Government continues to find the balance between observing individual rights and keeping the economy of the country afloat.

This means business houses will have to “tailor-make” their specific COVID-19 protocols and get the endorsement of the National Pandemic Control Centre to make it operational for their respective workplaces.

Prime Minister James Marape revealed this in a breakfast meeting this week with the PNG business community.

Further restrictions on Sydney flights

For the period of 8th September to 30th October 2021, the number of passengers the airline is permitted to carry into Sydney has been cut by 40 percent by the Australian government.

“Consequently, we expect that some passengers already holding tickets on PX001 to Sydney over this two-month period will not be able to travel, and will be contacted and assisted to re-book their flights for later dates.

Listen To Us

The farm and factory workers of Mainland Holdings Ltd wish the same courtesy could be extended to them. All they want is for management to listen to their fears regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and look for a way forward.

Ellis Philip works at the wrapping unit of the Six-Mile Tablebirds processing plant.

She has been with the company for 11 years.

Most of the women she works with are either widowed, divorced or separated. They commonly refer to themselves as “trangu mama”.

New Zealand COVID-19 pandemic strategy in doubt amid Delta spread

COVID-19 response minister Chris Hipkins said the variant "changes the game considerably" and makes existing protections "look less adequate".

It comes as the country announced a further 21 confirmed cases in the latest outbreak of the virus.

New Zealand had quashed earlier COVID outbreaks with rapid, strict lockdowns.

The country was praised for its efforts, which effectively stopped the spread of the virus. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has repeatedly referred to New Zealand as "our team of five million".

2021 World Cup officially postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic

The World Cup board met on Wednesday night and reluctantly decided postponement was the best option after the ARLC and NZRL withdrew the Kangaroos, Jillaroos, Kiwis and Kiwi Ferns due to concerns over the safety of players travelling to England this year.

NRL clubs backed the decision of the ARLC and called for the tournament to be postponed to ensure the top players were on display at the World Cup, which was set to be the most ambitious in the code’s history.