COVID-19 pandemic

‘No Vax Card, No Entry’

Acting Provincial Administrator and Provincial Controller, Francis Koaba, in a circular dated October 20 2021, stated that due to the surge in COVID-19 and the Delta Variant related deaths within NCD and Central Province, only persons showing their vaccination card will be permitted to Central Provincial Government headquarters.

In an earlier circular, Koaba also appealed to all the Provincial Administration staff and their families to get vaccinated.

Parkop Pleads With Residents

He has urged that people self-regulate, respect and implement the Nuipla Pasin protocols.

“You have a responsibility to yourself and your family,” said Parkop.  

He said the government is doing its bit, providing funding support to hospitals as well as the doctors and medical staff working full time to save lives.

“The surge is putting a lot of pressure and stress on our medical team. Our people should not take it lightly.

Respect People’s Rights: OC

The call was made in the media statement, regarding mandatory vaccination imposed by private sector. 

The Ombudsman Commission has noted with concern that more and more organisations, especially the private sector, have imposed ‘No Jab, No Job’ policies in their workplaces which the Commission believes borders on the rights of citizens who have chosen not to be vaccinated. 

OC warns Gov’t authorities on vaccination

The Ombudsman Commission has warned government authorities to respect people’s rights and not force them to get vaccination.

Chief Ombudsman, Richard Pagen in a statement said the Ombudsman Commission is fully aware that PNG is a signatory to several core Human Rights Treaties and that its National Constitution is very unique that it almost contains all the rights and freedoms enshrined in the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. 

No lockdown in NCD

He said the decision was reached following a consultation with key stakeholders and the National Control Center.

“We note the hardship thousands of people face already as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact the two weeks lockdown would have on the community. 

“Economy has slowed down, unemployment is high, businesses are very fragile and equally teetering on collapsing”, added Governor Parkop. 

Red Cross calls for urgent help for PNG after record COVID surge

Concerted international action is necessary to help Papua New Guinea (PNG) deal with a record surge in COVID-19 cases that is overwhelming the country’s health system, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has said.

The latest wave of COVID-19 has seen PNG report the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The country reported 376 new cases on Saturday and is dealing with nearly 3,000 active cases of the disease, according to the latest government data.

EHPHA Embarks On Vaccination Rollout

They have taken the step to rollout the vaccination drive with the aim to cover 7000,000 people from the eight districts of the province.

Provincial Health Authority Acting Director Public Health, Dr Max Manape led the awareness in Henganofi.

“So very important vaccination em bai redusim disla severity blong em. (When you get vaccinated it reduces the severity of COVID-19)

Dr. Manape explained further the effects of COVID-19 when a person is not fully vaccinated, recounting on his personal experience.

Children died from COVID-19

The third weave of the deadly Corona virus has not shown any signs of discrimination against gender, race and even age.

While WHO (World Health Organisation) and other health experts say that people over the age of 50 and those with underlying conditions are most vulnerable, Port Moresby General Hospital CEO, Dr. Paki Molumi confirmed the death of three children from COVID-19 this week.                       

Consider Cremation: MD

Glanville believes this is the way forward in relieving some of the burdens placed by COVID-19.

An increase in COVID-19 deaths around the country has led to an influx of bodies into limited capacity mortuaries.

The Port Moresby General Hospital’s mortuary has reported an excess of 300 bodies while Morobe and Goroka’s COVID-19 Hospital morgues have reached their limits.

This, in turn, means burial sites are running out of space.

NCD Death Rate High

He said the hospital has now reached a crisis point. Cases of the COVID-19 Delta Variant has added to the current situation.

Dr. Molumi said the hospital is struggling with manpower to save lives and also to manage the dead.

“The Delta Variant is aggressively attacking people with 87 percent of the patients who showed symptoms of COVID-19 were tested positive to the disease.”

He said the hospital has also recorded a high number of people with breathing problems at the Emergency ward and dead bodies arriving at one time to be stored at the mortuary.