COVID-19 pandemic

Vax Voluntary for Yangoru Saussia

Following a meeting of the Yangoru District Development Authority, Maru announced their decision to ensure vaccination remains voluntary within the district.

“I traveled through my district in the last three weeks and nearly all our people that we spoke to have rejected COVID-19 vaccination and that is ordinary village people, councilors and presidents. This is evidenced by only 850 people in our district being vaccinated. This represents only 1% of our people. I must respect my people’s constitutional and fundamental human rights of choice to freedom.”

Vaccination To Help Tourism Industry

At the official opening of the first ever national contemporary arts exhibition in Port Moresby last Friday at the APEC Haus, Minister Leonard stressed that mass vaccination of the country’s population would change the tide and give confidence to foreign tourists to visit Papua New Guinea.

He said culture, creative industry in PNG is an untapped industry, and to him it is like a sleeping giant that if given the recognition it deserves, it would contribute to the national purse and assist in nation building.

Church Leaders Uncertain

They expressed their thoughts at a press conference yesterday, Friday 5th of November, led by BOC Deputy Chairman, Pastor Michael Wilson, in which a 21-day prayer and fasting was called.

He said the churches had met previously and discussed the issues surrounding COVID-19, which had affected the daily lives of everyone.

He related to the two precious 21-day prayer and fast, which were held during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and second wave in 2020 and 2021.

Sir Peter Barter Echoes Concern

He said the low rate of vaccination in the country has affected the social and economic sectors.

“Social media and some irresponsible media releases being aired has resulted in much of the confusion resulting in PNG being the lowest vaccinated country in the world which will directly affect the social and economic future of most Papua New Guineans.”

Sir Peter Barter also raised concern that the tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and now with the low rate of vaccinated population.

‘No Jab, No Job’ Causing Chaos: Namah

He said: “There is no need for me or anybody else to incite the public to protest and the Prime Minister, James Marape is doing enough inciting with his confusing policy signals, and draconian orders. 

Namah said the Prime Minister has announced that vaccination is not compulsory but he then came out supporting a 'No Jab, No Job' work place practice of the private sector. 

COVID-19 Effects To Continue: Treasurer

Treasurer, Ian Ling-Stuckey stated this in the 2022 Budget Strategy Paper released recently.

Mr Ling-Stuckey highlighted that the loss in business and income will manifest in reduced corporate income tax earnings next year as filings for 2021 assessable year become payable in 2022. 

He said despite the moderate improvement in the domestic economic activities, a sizeable reduction in corporate income taxes is therefore, expected from earlier estimates. 

However, there is estimated to be a recovery in international trade and GST with the economic recovery. 

Pray, Fast Against COVID: Pastors

In a press conference at the Tabernacle of Prayer Church on Thursday 04th November, 2021, senior pastors of the Body of Christ and the Evangelical churches called on the Government and the corporate sector to stop harassing citizens and coercing them to take the COVID-19 vaccine against their will.

Intimidators Warned

He issued this warning after reports of mainly unemployed youth harassing health workers and throwing stones at COVID-19 vaccination stations.

In the face of the attempted intimidation and related failed attempts at unruly protests, Minister Wong called on the Opposition to stop sitting on the fence and make a public declaration to condemn anti-vaccination troublemakers.

COVID-19 Affects Global Economy

Central Bank Governor, Loi Bakani stated that the recovery reflects the impact of stimulus packages and vaccination programs, mainly in the advanced economies. 

He added that the improvement in global trade and international commodity prices would support the recovery in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The PNG Government’s fiscal support, easing of containment measures, adjustments to the new-normal working environment, and vaccination rollout will also aid the recovery. 

Morobe Loses 5 Teachers

The teachers were from schools at Pindiu, Menyamya, Mutzing, Markham Valley and Omili.

Provincial program advisor of education, Keith Tangui, said their bodies are currently at the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital morgue.

“To repatriate them, I’m waiting to see the (provincial) administrator so they can give us some funding to get the bodies out,” he stated.

“But thank God, we don’t have students getting COVID. Even though they sit together – all of them in one desk and all that – only two students contracted it but they’re ok.