COVID-19 Pandemic Assistance

Oxygen Concentrators For Care Centre

Australian High Commissioner, Jon Philp handed the equipment to St John, PMGH and the National Capital District Provincial Health Authority during his visit to the Taurama Aquatic Centre this morning.

“Oxygen keeps people alive and oxygen concentrators are key equipment for hospitals in helping patients to recover from COVID-19.

Australia has supplied more than 240 additional oxygen concentrators to help PNG clinicians provide life-saving care. Twenty-five of these have been delivered to this facility today,” Mr Philp said.

ADF to support PNGDF COVID-19 response

This support is part of a commitment made by Australia’s Chief of Defence to the Papua New Guinea Chief of Defence.

The augmentation team will join six other ADF personnel who will be tasked with assisting the PNGDF with planning, training and education for the PNGDF response to the current COVID-19 situation.

The 14 ADF personnel are scheduled to arrive in Port Moresby tomorrow, 27th October, 2021.