COVID-19 funds

Marape Clarifies Additional Funds

He said within their DSIP funds, 20 per cent of the funds was earmarked for health services.

“Of every DSIP we give, 20 per cent was meant for health sector. So if you received K10 million, 20 per cent of it as earmarked for health purposes.”

PM Marape further clarified that another additional K2 million came from COVID-19 funds to all districts.

These funds was earmarked for agriculture, SMEs and WaSH programmes.

However, North Fly MP James Donald queried that there was no additional K2m given by the Government.

IRC to probe COVID-19 contractors

IRC Commissioner General, Sam Koim, said this is part of the Tax Crimes Prosecution initiative that they are undertaking this year.

Koim said companies who recently made headlines after receiving contracts under COVID-19 Funding are also being looked into.

Koim said the tax office continues to make it its business to collect revenue for the Government from hard hit tax payers, and spending agencies must spend it responsibly in productive areas.

COVID-19 SOE audit disputes ‘hire cars’ claims

The Police Minister made this statement during today’s presentation of the audit report.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer outlined that in April, serious allegations were raised on the expenditure of the state of emergency funds, and for the first time in PNG’s history, the head of state has responded by giving a directive to investigate.

Another American Samoa lawmaker returns Covid-19 cheque

Pago Pago Representative Vesiai Poyer Samuelu said when the cheques were distributed he questioned the House speaker about the source of the money but got no answer.

Some lawmakers had said the leaders told them the funds can be used to set up offices in their homes and pay for telephone and internet costs.

The House Speaker and Senate President received US$20,000 while senators and representatives got US$10,000 each.

Tuala uta Representative Larry Sanitoa was the first legislator to return his cheque.

Wong clarifies social media allegations

He made these remarks after allegations were posted on social media claiming that COVID-19 funds were misused.

A leaked document posted on social media showing invoices and letter to the acting Secretary of Health, alleging that Wong had made numerous recommendations to the Acting Health Secretary Dr Paison Dukulala to make several payments to various questionable companies to act on behalf of the State to procure equipment’s for the COVID-19 response.

EU will mobilise and redirect €119 million to aid Pacific combat COVID-19

Fifteen partner Pacific islands countries and four European Overseas Countries and Territories will benefit from this support.

The EU action will focus on strengthening partner countries’ health, water and sanitation systems and their research and preparedness capacities to deal with the pandemic, as well as mitigating its socioeconomic impact.

Treasurer queries COVID-19 funds

He said there are allegations that bulk of the 23 million kina released by the government for COVID-19 operations, was being used to hire cars and media consultants.

The 23 million Kina released by Treasury for COVID-19 operations, must be prioritized well, to include purchase of medical kits and Personal Protective Equipment.

However, Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey has since raised concerns of alleged misappropriation.