Courthouse shutdown

Registrar Ian Augerea in a statement said the decision was reached following the surge of infection in the last two weeks in NCD and nationwide.

Four staff, including two judges, have tested positive to COVID-19.

The shutdown began today, Monday 15th of March, and will be lifted on Friday 29th March 2021.

In the meantime, judges will continue to work in their chambers or from home.

All cases listed for the next two weeks have been adjourned to March 30th.

No courthouse, Mendi police in a bind

Resources and logistical support to move detainees and remandees to the nearest courthouse in Ialibu, Nipa or Mt Hagen, is proving to be an administrative and logistical quandary. The only Provincial Correctional Institution has also been closed to accommodate new intakes.

 Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Crimes, Hodges Ette, said it is a daily challenge and continuously exerting serious strain on their meager resources and logistics.

Namah leaves evidence against him unchallenged

The tribunal sitting resumed this morning for the leader to give evidence after an indication was given yesterday to members of the tribunal and the counsel assisting tribunal that he will give evidence as a witness today.

However this morning, his lawyer Greg Sheppard told the tribunal he received instructions last night that his client will not give evidence.  

Sheriff: Man fatally shoots defendant waiting at courthouse

The suspect has been arrested and is in jail, Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said, but he declined to identify him or the victim.

Tucker and Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest said they don't know why the suspect would have shot the other man. The victim was expected to appear in court on drug charges, but he was not a witness or a suspect in other current criminal cases, Guest said.