Man caused bodily harm over borrowed money

 The defendant, Puria Tole on Megela village, Koroba district in Hela province is alleged to borrowing up to K1, 500 from the woman known by the court as Rose Yaugania.

It is alleged that on May 17 this year, at Burns Peak, the woman went to Tole’s house looking for her money.

An argument broke out between them where it is alleged Tole used a piece of wood and hit her on her head and left arm which resulted in her sustaining a broken arm.

Tole appeared at the Committal Court for the first time on Friday (October 2), five months since the assault took place.


Youths in court for stabbing man to death

Aminai Michael (20) from Tapini, Goilala in the Central Province, Bire Bino (20) of Lufa, Eastern Highlands Province and Saleh Morgan (18) of Ihu in the Gulf Province all appeared for mention at the Committal Court for the wilful murder of a man identified as Moses Marus.

It is alleged the three were under the influence of alcohol when they met Marus on the road towards Pari and stole K70 from him.

A fight broke out between them that saw two other by-standers come in to assist Marus (now deceased).


Ruling on Maprik MP's case soon

 Simon’s lawyer Moses Murray went before the District Court on Monday (September 21) with a motion to move the ruling from September 29 to October 6.

He appeared before Magistrate Cosmos Bidar with the application that was later granted by the court.

Simon will be expected to return to court on October 6 where a ruling will be made as to whether there is sufficient evidence to commit his case to the National Court to stand trial.

Chinese to stand trial for overstaying visa

Jin Jingmei, Wang Yanhong, Hezling Lin, and Yang Ping Lin Wang Yanhong will stand trial before Magistrate Tracey Ganaii on Thursday.

They made a brief appearance before her today (August 13) to confirm a set date for the trial.

Jin Jingmei and Wang Yanhong were both charged with aiding a person to remain in the country without a valid visa and entry permit.


Court rules on ENB top job wrangle

The case has pitted longtime Administrator Aquila Tubal against senior officer Wilson Matava.

The court ruled yesterday that the appointment of Matava as acting Provincial Administrator stands until the 14th of August in accordance with the national gazettal notice signed by the Governor-General.

The court also found that former provincial administrator Aquila Tubal had no legal standing to suspend Matava as Tubal's contract had already expired at the material time.

Committal Court adjourns for Games

 The Clerk of the District Court issued notices stating that normal court business will be carried out during the Games however the court will only deal with fresh cases (arrests) during the Games.

This is due to the engagement of all police prosecutors in the Pacific Games special operations.

But Supreme and National Court business will continue as per usual, officials said today.

Committal court police prosecutor Polon Koniu told PNG Loop all his cases had been adjourned to July 20.