court user forum 2016

Law enforcement authorities must be law abiding

He called on all personnel in the law and justice sector to abide by the law and respect it to be respected in return.

“I want to remind you all police personnel, soldiers and wardens that the uniform you wear, it is not yours. It belongs to the 7 million people of Papua New Guinea,” he told officers in a parade before the start of a court user’s forum.

“Everyone contributes to that uniform you wear, it is public property. A lot of times, we hear news of policemen doing the wrong things, we don’t need that.

Grade 12 students experience practical side of courtroom

They were part of the public that attended the court user forum that was conducted by Criminal Judge, Justice Panuel Mogish today in Bereina.

Legal studies teacher, Ms Lisa Api, told Loop PNG her students’ attendance today was to experience the practical side of what goes on in a courtroom.

Located three hours out of Port Moresby, she said this is the first time a class from Mainohana, in particular legal studies students, get to see what goes on in the National Court.