The Cosmopolitan

Pom's biggest band battle nears end

The Cosmopolitan launched the Keynote battle of the bands on February 10.

Four Saturdays on, the battle will reach semi-final 1 this Saturday, March 10. It’s a musical battle between 6 bands, from which 3 will be eliminated.

The bands to take stage are Vikings, Survivor of Highlands, Bloodlines, Eight to Five, Irie Maganie and Uniques Band.

Semi-final 2 will be on March 17, between 6 more bands: Shork Notize Crew, South Avenues, X-Black, Legacy, H-16 and Santana Cruz. Three from these will be eliminated.

Charly Black tickets out

The concert is set for February 3.

This leaves the Cosmopolitan the challenge of selling out in 1 week.

But general manager Martin Sherry is confident to have a full house on the night.

The Jamaican dancehall sensation is the voice behind favourite party anthem: Party Animal.

He will be performing for one night only at the super club, here in Port Moresby.

He was supposed to visit PNG in October of 2017, but this visit was postponed until this year.

This Australia-PNG-New Zealand tour is his first time out of Jamaica.

The Cosmopolitan gets freaky pink this Halloween

And modern celebrations has this event associated with darker colours.

But this Halloween, Port Moresby’s super club The Cosmopolitan is featuring a freaky pink party.

Favourite costumes will be altered to make this Halloween a pink one.

October 26, Cosmopolitan ladies night is encouraging freaky in pink, in support of breast cancer awareness!

Breast cancer is one of the top killers for women globally and in PNG.

And awareness is encouraged to break down the taboo associated with it.

The event is filled with entertainment:

Metal Mania comes to Cosmopolitan

Five months after the Metal Fest, the city will have yet another show, fully dedicated to heavy metal music.

This time, the Cosmopolitan is jumping in to igniting the Heavy Metal flame in PNG!

The first super-club will throw down on Black Friday, October 13, the long awaited Metal Mania.

3 bands - Flag of War, Aqua Fire and Darkaside, will be playing the concert, showering the crowd with a mix of well-known covers plus originals from their own upcoming albums.

Calling all young rappers!

Hip-Hop/R&B is still underground music in the country where local competitions continue to push for recognition of these genre and music style.

Noxxy is one product that passed through such competition.

He was the winner of 2016 Rap-ture competition, gained a wider fan base and has gone onto recording his first song with Planet Native’s YansaQ.

The Rap-ture competition kicks off a second season this year.

​Proud mother of the Sheppard band

It was of course Greg and Linda Sheppard as their children – the Sheppard band, took on the stage of The Cosmopolitan.

This was the world premiere of their second album and it was happening in PNG.

Linda is usually on tour with her children. Greg however, is based in PNG and tries to attend every concert he possibly can.

But this time, they brought it to him. Brought it to PNG.

The Sheppard siblings grew up here and Linda believes the country has a role in how grounded her children are.

Band drops yet-to-be-released songs

And lead singer George Sheppard says this is in fact the first time they have dropped all songs on the album, which is yet to be released.

It was a 16-song performance, including old hits like Let Me Down Easy and Bombs Away from the first album.

And before heading on to their next international tour, Sheppard shared this excitement with Papua New Guinea.

“It has always been our dream to come back and perform here so it was amazing. Thank you for having us. It was an awesome night,” George said after the performance.

Ngaiire will draw her third album from PNG

She is currently in the country for one of such trips.

She says her aim is to base her third album on her place of origin.

“A lot of people following my journey over the last couple of years have been waiting for me to return home and create something that draws from my background.

“So I want this to be the album that draws from the PNG ecstatics and promoting more of the things that make PNG beautiful and the positive things about it,” she said.

She will be returning to Australia after a two week tour of the country.

Ngaiire’s home-coming performance tonight

Yes, she was in born in Papua New Guinea. But Ngaiire has spent most of her years abroad, where she built her music career.

And after more than a decade since her last performance, the New Ireland singer will once again take local stage.

Ngaiire makes an appearance tonight at the Cosmopolitan, performing songs from her second album Blastoma.

“A lot of them may be new to the people in PNG. I know there are some hardcore fans here who’ve been following but for the others, this will be more like an introduction for me to the PNG audience,” she said.

First male dominated runway

The Cosmopolitan has given this platform to young men in Port Moresby to test the waters.

And over the last six weeks, those competing for the Mr Cosmopolitan title have grown with each experience.

The grand final Thursday night was the highlight, bringing out the creativity and confidence of 10 male models.

In front of a fully packed crowd, each young man stepped onto the stage, owning the moment.

A male dominated runway bringing traditional wear, swim wear, creative wear and formal wear, a first of such competition.