corporate blood drive

Newspaper staff donates 21 bags in Corporate Blood Drive

Port Moresby General Hospital and Corporate Blood Drive team thanked the newspaper staff for rolling up your sleeves once again for this worthy cause by donated blood yesterday.

The CBD team managed to collect a total of 21 bags of life-saving blood from the newspaper team.

“Your generous donations will save many lives and help many ill patients at PMGH,” a CBD rep said.

Melton Pais, a journalist said he was delighted to donate blood for a second time.

PMGH setting blood collection trend

They are providing adequate and safe blood to meet the transfusion needs of all patients.

This transformation came about three years ago, with the establishment of the Corporate Blood Drive and the recent Youth Blood Drive programs, which have increased blood collection.

With the great support of the hard-working staff, who are the core drivers of the blood bank, the hospital is getting enough blood reserved for patients in need of life-saving transfusions.

SP joins blood drive to save lives

The efforts are part of the corporate blood drive run by the Youth Blood Drive campaign to get bags of blood for the Port Moresby General Hospital as well as ANGAU hospital in Lae.

Corporate Communications Manager for SP, Dorothy Bengo said the staff from SP have been donating blood for hospitals twice every year for close to 10 years now.

“SP as part of its civic duty wants to help join in the fight to help save lives,” said Bengo.