Coronavirus 2020

Treasury prepares for coronavirus impacts

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) now estimate over 110,000 cases across 109 countries, with over 4,000 deaths,” stated Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey.

“Most of the cases remain in China but there’s growing numbers outside of China with nearly 33,000 cases and 872 deaths. Even though PNG still hasn’t reported any cases, nearby countries of Australia, Singapore and Malaysia and now Brunei have cases.

More students arrive from China

Forty-nine students transited through Hong Kong while four came through Narita in Japan.

It was reported that the students were thoroughly screened and their supplementary health declaration entry forms were collected for further surveillance by the rapid response and surveillance team.

This newsroom was told that all these students were quarantined in China before being released.

However, it is understood the students will be kept in Port Moresby within the 14-day incubation surveillance period.

PNG students miss charter, embassy maintains contact

They had left Wuhan but did not make the charter.

“The Department is working with official information and reports from the PNG Embassy in Beijing, who will liaise with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the Department is liaising with the Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby, through official diplomatic channels,” said Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Patrick Pruaitch.

PM extends sympathy to affected Chinese families

The Prime Minister extended his condolence and sympathy as Papua New Guinea authorities, led by the National Department of Health and in close collaboration with the World Health Organization, mobilise manpower of health professionals to enable the surveillance of the risk in PNG.

PNG yet to step up surveillance following WHO’s declaration

The WHO said the decision is because of the danger of the coronavirus if it spreads to countries with weaker health systems.

In PNG, currently a health desk has been set up at the international terminal building at the Jackson’s International Airport, with Health Department staff manning the table with flyers and pamphlets that serve as a form of awareness.

Acting health secretary, Dr Paison Dakulala, and WHO Representative in PNG, Dr Luo Dapeng, were taken on a tour of the airport facility to see how they can step up surveillance following WHO’s recent decision.

Coronavirus update: Health dept, stakeholders on high alert

So far the PNG-Indonesian border in Wutung has been closed down and security check point is set up at the Jackson’s International Airport.

Procedures are in place rolling on the seafront for quarantine checks on all vessels entering through Port Moresby port.

In a press conference held to give update on the status of the coronavirus this week, the acting Secretary for Health assured the general public that though Papua New Guinea has not detected any cases, it is not taking any risks.

Will face masks protect you?

CBS News reported that one surgical mask manufacturer ran out of its stock of masks in China and was working overtime to meet demand from worried Chinese citizens who were urged to wear masks in public.

But do these masks actually prevent illnesses like the coronavirus from spreading?

When it comes to protecting against the flu virus, "It can't hurt and it might help," the Mayo Clinic says.

PNG's Foreign Affairs establishes ‘help desk’

Parents and relatives of those affected by the outbreak in China and other parts of the world can reach out to this help desk for consular service information.

The Department of Immigration and Border Security has set up a help desk to give updates on the coronavirus outbreak.

The PNG Embassy in China will be supplying the help desk with status reports on a daily basis.

PNG economy to be affected by coronavirus outbreak

“A current risk facing PNG and the world is the coronavirus originating from Huwan, China,” stated the Treasurer.

“Our departments of Health and Immigration have been at the forefront of the response. In the economic agencies, we also are providing our support.

“Governments must protect their people, drawing on the best available advice and having all Ministries working together.

Police lend support to coronavirus response

Yamasombi has directed his officers to meet with enforcement agencies such as the Department of Health, NAQIA, Customs and Immigration to monitor the situation and protect the entry and exit points of the country.

He said Police will help in whatever way in ensuring the precautionary measures instilled are followed by the people, especially the processes, procedures and the certifications. He said entries into the country must be certified and cleared first by the relevant authorities, including and especially the Health Department.