Cool Range Band

Cool Range Band to Tour Indonesia

Fresh off their journey to the States, where they mesmerized audiences with their performances, the band is ready to bring their unique blend of music to Indonesian fans.

Bands’ Life-Changing Tour winds down

With emotions still running high, the bands reflected on the transformative experience of the past few weeks and the profound impact it had on their lives.

Collie Buddz, the beacon of inspiration for both bands, received the first wave of appreciation for inviting them to join the West Coast leg of his 'Take it Easy' World Tour. His humility and unwavering support left an indelible mark on DMP and Cool Range Band, not just as musicians but as representatives of their home countries, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Cool Range Band on Transcontinental Journey

Led by the charismatic drummer and singer, Steven Pala, also known as Stiggy on stage, the band commenced their overseas adventure with zeal and anticipation.

Having previously shared the stage as DMP's supporting act during a tour across Papua New Guinea, Cool Range received the invitation to once again accompany their musical brethren on their latest expedition, this time to the USA.

Their journey unfolded beginning with meticulous sound checks at renowned venues such as the Freemont Theater SLO, where the band fine-tuned their harmonies and rhythms to perfection.

DMP and Da’Ville Rock Port Moresby

The duo, joined by the Cool Range Band, delivered an electrifying show, belting out long-awaited hits that left fans in awe.

As they wrapped up their explosive performances, the anticipation for their upcoming USA Tour heightened.

Fans with meet-and-greet tickets were treated to exclusive DMP Merchandise packages, enhancing their concert experience.

The atmosphere at the Cosmopolitan was electric, with the crowd dancing in a frenzy to the tunes of "Always on Mind" by Da’Ville and Blad P2A’s “Ukulele” and many more of their chart-topping hits.

Everyday People: Steven Pala

Steven Jeffery Pala’s interest in playing the drum started when he was a kid. He was inspired by the Sound of Daru Band, who performed live in his village.

He was inspired also because the local drummers made music to earn an income and fight poverty.

Every afternoon after school, young Steven would watch this musician’s play in a spot called Bamukona where he grew up. He enjoyed doing other fun activities, but as soon as the musicians started setting up, he would be there right next to the drummer to see how he set up his instrument.