Cook Island

Broadcasting deal will bring region together - Cooks PM

Henry Puna says the move to provide up to eight hours a day of free-to-air New Zealand content, including top rugby action, would be beneficial not only for sports fans.

Mr Puna says he is looking forward to the cultural exchanges that will occur via broadcasting.

"We're looking forward to seeing all of these programmes. There will be some educational programmes that will be good for the kids, and for us adults Tagata Pasifika and the Māori programmes will be very, very welcome."

Cooks celebrations blamed for rise in pneumonia

The Chief Medical Officer, Bernard Fouke, says there has been a number of people living in close proximity with different populations, which was the most likely reason for the surge in illness.

Dr Fouke told the Cook Islands News that hundreds of people have been struck by illness, but that few of them are sick enough to require hospital treatment.

He says the increase in illness was anticipated and well handled by authorities on Rarotonga.

Niue and the Cook Islands to meet in rugby league international

The Rock thrashed South Africa 48-4 during their last hit-out in May and are now ranked 32nd in the world.

Niue rugby league team.

The 17th ranked Cook Islands will use the game on October the third as preparation for their Rugby League World Cup qualifying match against Tonga two weeks later.

Niue coach Brendan Perenara says even though the match doesn't have test status or rankings points on offer, going up against the Cook Islands will be the biggest game in their history.

Cook Islands Mineral claim rich Clarion-Clipperton Zone

The CCZ spans six million square kilometres and the Cook Islands will join around 15 other countries and private companies which have been allocated exclusive areas.

Seabed Minerals Authority minister Mark Brown has been in Jamaica at the International Seabed Authority headquarters to work out the final issues related to the signing of the contract with the International Seabed Authority for the three areas in the CCZ designated for the Cook Islands. The three areas total 75 thousand square kilometres. 

US giant ‘uninterested’ in Cook Islands

PRHG chief executive Greg Stanaway estimates in the short time the company has been unable to accept AMEX cards, about 30 AMEX clients staying at Aitutaki and Rarotonga resorts have been inconvenienced. 

“It has put a good deal of unnecessary pressure on our guest relations staff. This may not be important to AMEX but we focus on absolute guest satisfaction.”

Philippa ready to face Pacific lifting cousins

For the first time in history, the Cook Islands will have two female weightlifters to lift the national flag on the lifting platform.
Luisa Peters, an established member of the Oceania Weightlifting Institute training under legendary coach Paul Coffa, is well known for her impressive lifting skills in the region who will soon learn about another talented Cook Islands lifter in Phillippa Woonton.
Philippa, daughter of former Cook Islands Prime Minister Dr Robert Woonton, says making the Team Cook Islands weightlifting team has made her year.