Convicted Candidates Disqualified

Ex-Convicts Disqualified To Contest

Sinai said, “One of the main events that take place prior to conducting election proper in any general elections is the education and awareness program, where we conduct massive awareness to the voters and candidates throughout the country on the electoral process.

“These pre-election activities are an essential part of the election preparations and the Commission through its Information and Communication Awareness Branch ensures that such vital message involving voter education and awareness is communicated to the public.

Yali Disqualified As A Candidate

Solicitor General Tauvasa Tanuvasa, has clarified that a free pardon is granted by the Power of Mercy Committee, acting on advice from the National Executive Council and a report from the Power of Mercy Advisory Committee.

Mr. Tanuvasa made these remarks following questions raised by this newsroom on the status of a few convicted individuals whose nominations were accepted by the Electoral Commission to contest the 2022 National General Elections.