New BFPNG Constitution promotes gender quality

This follows BFPNG’s Annual General Meeting held in Port Moresby last Saturday.

Under the new Constitution, BFPNG will set a benchmark with members to appoint two athlete representatives, one male and one female, for each of the nation’s four regions.

BFPNG President, Nick Daroa, said the newly-adopted constitution will also see 30 percent of BFPNG executives being female.

OC seeks clarification from Supreme Court

The OC wants to find out whether the proposed increase of nomination fees, from K1,000 to K10,000, and the security of costs of an election petition, from K5,000 to K20,000, are constitutional.

“The Commission, through the Supreme Court Reference, will ask the Court to consider the question of whether the proposed amendments to section 103 of the Constitution, and section 87 and section 209 of the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections are constitutional,” the OC said in a statement.

Polye calls on young lawyers to defend constitution

He said the country’s judiciary system has been brought into question following the arrest of a senior lawyer and one of the country’s senior judges.

“We must not allow the rule of law, the constitution, organic law and the acts of Parliament, among others, to erode,” Polye warned.

He also urged young lawyers coming out of the law school not to deviate from defending the constitution.

He said they must live by the principles of law, which is derived from the Word of God.

PNG among countries with unbroken constitution

As the nation celebrates its 40th Independence in September, advisor and consultant to the Constitutional Planning Committee from 1972 to 1975 Prof Ted Wolfers said the country’s homegrown constitution has been upheld over the years despite political crisis.

Prof Wolfers made this known during the school of law seminar on the country’s constitution at the University of Papua New Guinea.

He said unlike many other countries; the constitution was not negotiated over the table by the former colonizers.