Constable Francis Numapo

Drug dealer appears in court

The 40 year old man was charged for being in possession of dangerous drugs.

Paul David from Eastern Highlands Province was caught with 30 kilograms of marijuana on Saturday at six mile.

According to police, they got hold of David following a chain of arrests.

 Police reported that they apprehended one of David’s dealers at the Erima Flyover bridge who led them to him.

The dealer was caught when police busted three Primary school students smoking the drug under the fly over.

NCD police make major drug bust

NCO Superintendent Operations, NCD Support Unit, Constable Francis Numapo told Loop PNG that after apprehending a drug dealer at the Erima Flyover bridge, they were led to Six Mile in search of the distributor and arrested a suspect on the spot.

“The marijuana was packed and sealed in three different bags. It was brought in from Goroka to be sold in Port Moresby. The street value of it is K10 000-K15, 000,” said Numapo.

Official charges will be laid against the suspect from Eastern Highlands who is currently at the Boroko police station.