Research to protect tree kangaroos

Equipped with state-of-the-art third-generation GPS Collars tailored to the project's objectives, the team encountered technical challenges that underscored the complexities of studying these elusive creatures in their natural habitat.

The research took place in Wasaunon of YUS Conservation Area in Morobe Province, incorporating diverse activities such as Observation, Site Visit, Training Workshop, Assessment, Scoping Trip Awareness Campaign, and Technical Assistance. Unexpected technical issues surfaced with the utilization of the latest GPS Collars.

Islanders call for intervention

This has prompted the councilor of Ambenob Ward 1 to all for responsible government authorities intervene quickly with solutions to mitigate the effects in order to assist in minimizing the fast deteriorating islands.

Rodney Selan is the Ward 1 council member for North Ambenob, responsible for most of the islands surrounding Madang town.

Since the effects of climate change has devasted his communities, he has invited the Provincial Disaster Office to tour around Krangket Island and see first-hand the state of the island.

National Climate Summit underway in Port Moresby

The summit, hosted by the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA), aims to unite leaders, experts, and stakeholders from various backgrounds in substantive discussions centered around the crucial theme of "climate justice and social inclusion."

Papua New Guinea, highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, has been grappling with rising sea levels, increasingly severe weather events, and shifting rainfall patterns, impacting both coastal and highland communities, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Forestry signs agreement with TotalEnergies

PNGFA Managing Director John Mosoro said, “The cooperative agreement paves the way for PNGFA to champion towards securing land for reforestation and afforestation efforts which is to plant trees on the grasslands of our country.”

Mosoro said the agreement includes vital provisions for TotalEnergies Limited to provide extensive support to PNGFA particularly in the areas of training and energy efficiency to get the tree plantations up.

Focus on conservation in Morobe

Morobe, being the largest province in PNG in terms of landmass, also contains many of the high biodiversity sites proposed for resource management.

With funding support from the Rainforest Trust Foundation, the Morobe Provincial Government is collaborating with the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program to conduct a rapid feasibility project to identify conservation areas.

Climate Change Officer within the Morobe Provincial Administration, Arthur Forepe, said this has been an ongoing activity since the first conservation project was started at YUS LLG in Kabwum district.

Eco Pacific Tourism for Matugar village

These institutes have emerged in response to the global recognition of the need for sustainable tourism models that balance economic development with the environmental conservation and social well-being.

Yesterday, the Matugar village of Madang Province, along the North Coast held a ground-breaking ceremony for its Eco Pacific Tourism institute.

The event was officiated by the Member for Sumkar, Alexander Orme Suguman alongside village dignitaries and witnessed by the whole ward 17 community and surrounding villages.

“No more compensation”

Member for South Fly and Minister for Livestock, Seki Agisa, called on landowners from all over the province to stop the act of compensation and make use of the land to receive the money needed.

“We have got our land to get that K150. We were just told about the K150-K200 Vanilla per Kilo and yet we keep on waiting for compensation. Not just here but it is everywhere along the river system all the way to Daru. This is a very important project everybody has to take ownership of and start heading back and toil the land,” said Agisa.

World Environment Day in Lae

This year’s campaign is #BeatPlasticPollution.

CEPA’s scientific officer, Shirley Mole, iterated that they are collaborating with their partners to come up with ways to mitigate plastic wastes in Lae.

“We know plastic is an issue in the industrial sectors and we are trying our best to promote the theme ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution’.

“The other thing is we also have a regulation in place. It’s about the biodegradable plastic use regulation.

PNG declares World Tree Kangaroo Day

Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change, Simo Kilepa stated, “World Tree Kangaroo Day should also be a day that we acknowledge the importance of our wildlife, our need to protect and preserve them and the natural homes they live in. Not only for our future generations but in our planet's battle to fight climate change.”

Conservation documentary launched

The video was produced to promote conservation projects in the Momase Region with the support of Small Grants Program through the commitment of the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA).

The video was produced to display four different small grants projects that were awarded to communities in the Momase region.

Launched to coincide with the World Environment Day on June 5, it featured communities of Lumi in West Sepik, Ambunti in East Sepik, Karkum and Sarang in Madang Province and Ronzi on the border of Madang and Morobe provinces.