Condom Saga Protests

Woman in "Condom saga" still at large

Kalaut said this following unsubstantiated media reports that the victim has come forward to lay her complaint.

He says that the relatives of the woman have been in touch with his office and are now in the process of making arrangements with his office to facilitate for her to come in.

Kalaut says that the woman is still in hiding but has been talking with relatives who have been encouraging her to seek help from police and health workers.

Condom Saga: Calls for protests

This stems from the case of the video that showed police men intimidating a woman to swallow condoms which has sparked outrage among many online users both within and outside the country.

A protest calling for an End to Police Brutality, Stop Violence against women and Human Rights Abuse is being called for as many users have expressed outrage and disgust at what was documented in the video that was uploaded on Facebook.