Condom cops

Court orders police officers’ dismissal

This was at the Boroko Police Station back in 2015 where they recorded the incident on a mobile which was later posted on social media.

Probationary officers Joshua Yawijah from Southern Highlands and Enga woman, Jacklyn Tanda, were both sentenced to one year, six months in jail.

However, they will only serve three months at the Bomana Correctional Institute, as one year, three months of that sentence was suspended.

Since they would be dismissed from the force, the court decided a lesser sentence should be appropriate, considering the welfare of their children.

Condom swallowing case a priority

The incident from 4 December 2015 sparked overwhelming public support against abuse while in police custody.

The case was initially listed to go for trial in October last year however, was deferred to a later date.

Today, Pangia man Joshua Yawijah appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish who put the case on the priority list for trial next month after prosecution indicated it was ready.

His co-accued, Jacklyn Tanda, from Enga, is expected to appear in court next week.

A date is to be set for trial in the month of June.

'Condom saga' trial deferred

The trial was supposed to start today.

Joshua Yawijah of Maia village, Southern Highlands Province, and Jacklyn Tanda of Enga are in court over allegations they forced a woman from the Central Province to swallow condoms, on the night of December 4, 2015, after they were found in her possession.

The trial was to be presided over by Justice Martin Ipang, who is on circuit in Waigani. However, it will not take place as the judge is yet to deal with other cases listed before him.

He adjourned the trial to next month for another judge to deal with.