Community Learning Centre

Sharing gifts with marginalised communities

This was exactly what the Digicel PNG Foundation did with the Employee volunteers of Digicel who visited the Reaper Community Learning Centre (CLC) at the Morata 4 settlement and Saraga CLC Six-Mile.

As part of its Community Learning Centre sustainability program, Digicel Foundation along with its volunteers visited two of the 21 informal schools in its program, to give students a gift each and thank them for their perseverance throughout the year.

Not forgotten

Digicel PNG Foundation on Tuesday signed the partnership agreement with 4L Training and Consultants Limited for the Community Learning Centre (CLC) Tisa Training Program.

The signing took place at the Gomore CLC in Central Province, an hour’s drive out of Port Moresby. This was witnessed by parents and family of the small CLC students and James Morrissey, an important friend of the patron of Digicel Foundation, Dennis O’Brien, who had travelled from Ireland in the morning.  

​New learning centre for Gabagaba

CLC Kapa Structure for Gabagaba is expected to improve the village’s efforts and capacity in early childhood learning.

Yet, it is sad to say that many of these young enthusiastic learners, who strive every day to learn the alphabet, only enter into a formal education system where not all of them will have the opportunity to go further.

Gabagaba United Church chairman, Miria Ume, put that into perspective saying that early childhood learning is the first step at trying to bridge that widening gap.