Community Development Agreement

State team distributes draft CDA

The draft CDA document contains the various landowner and stakeholder benefits that are expected out of the new Porgera Mine. The expected benefits from the State and New Porgera Limited (NPL) include royalties, equity, Infrastructure Development Grants (IDG), Special Support Grants (SSG) and business spin-off opportunities among others.

Porgera CDA launched

The CDA process will begin today, May 20 in Wabag, and negotiations will take two to three weeks. The CDA is a process where landowners and stakeholders of mining projects in the country, negotiate benefits deriving from their respective projects, in this case from the Porgera Project.

Landowners’ input vital ahead of CDA

Mining Minister Muguwa Dilu, raised this when addressing the Hides-Porgera Power Line landowners in Tari on Friday, April 26.

The meeting with the power line landowners was the final one of a series of pre-Community Development Agreement meetings that the State Team has been conducting over the past few months with landowners and stakeholders.