Don’t use me as a commodity for your gain

Polye issued the warning on Wednesday  at a ceremony where supporters of his rival candidates at Upper Marient in Kandep surrendered and vowed to support him in this year’s election.   

“Our governor Peter Ipatas does not get the projects for his Irelya village in Enga Province on merit.

“Ipatas uses me as a political commodity to gain them. He usually tells Prime Ministers including the current one that he will distract Polye from concentrating on toppling them.

“My political enemies were easily bought into his tricks at Waigani,” he said.

PNG rode storm quite well: O’Neill

“We did not increase taxes and we did not cut core services,” Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said during last week’s 2017 Prime Minister’s Back-to-Business Breakfast.

“Our Government was proactive in cutting waste in the public service, and we put some non-priority infrastructure projects on hold.

“These pressures all occurred at a time when our country was facing one of the worst drought in recent memory.”

O’Neill said this affected food supplies in communities vulnerable to extreme weather. The situation was further worsened by climate change.