Commissioner Matthew Cannon

SJA-UNICEF collaboration save lives

Under this collaboration, UNICEF donated five NASG to help ambulance officers provide a combination of basic life support care along with the lifesaving drug, oxytocin to mothers in maternal emergencies.

The NASG or Mama Kolos as it is commonly known in PNG, is a specially designed garment used to save women from bleeding to death as a result of birth complications.

UNICEF in PNG reported that out of 200 mothers who were assisted with a NASG all have been saved except for one, who had other underlying complications.

Over 200 incidents in less than 2 weeks

Between 17 December and 29 December, 2018, St John Ambulance crews have attended to over 288 incidents in Port Moresby and Central Province; 177 were regarded as serious emergencies.

Commissioner Matthew Cannon, Chief Executive Officer of St John Ambulance, said their specialist team of paramedics and doctors have also assisted with five air medical evacuations missions.