Commissioner Gari Baki

Police Commissioner speaks on fitness

His statement follows a recent report from the RPNGC saying the number of police personnel dying from natural causes has peaked in recent years.

Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Administration, Raphael Huafolo, recently highlighted that in 2017 alone, over 80 policemen and women died mostly from natural causes whilst serving on active duty. 64 deaths were recorded in 2018 and 10 within the first four months of this year.

Sir Mekere calls on Baki to ease tensions

 Sir Mekere said Baki must ease the tensions he and O’Neill have created.

“Baki, like the Prime Minister, should comply with the law.

“He should comply with the legitimate orders of the National and Supreme Courts, and that means reinstating Damaru and his colleagues to their positions in the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate and enabling them to recommence their investigations.

Court prioritises Baki’s appeal against officers

The full court allowed Baki leave to appeal the decision of the National Court when it allowed for a judicial review to be conducted into the manner in which Thomas Eluh and Timothy Gitua were terminated from office in September last year.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Justice Ere Kariko and Justice Sir Kina Bona allowed for Baki to appeal that decision and also stayed the judicial review at the National Court pending the outcome of this appeal before the full court.

Police boss calls for public help

Police Commissioner Gari Baki informed PNG Loop that he is serious in tackling the issue of police brutality but cannot do so if people are not willing to step up and report that matters when they arise.

Baki outlined that the police brutality issue is now becoming a norm in PNG, which should not be the case.

Even people are thinking that police have the right to do it which is wrong, with Baki stressing that everyone  including police are subject to the laws of the country.

Condom saga story takes new twist

PNG Loop spoke with the Commissioner after our newsroom made contact with a relative of the woman in the video who says that the woman is too scared to approach the police with regards to her case.

The relative says that their immediate concern is to deal with the health issues arising from the girl allegedly swallowing the condoms as well as the alleged sexual and physical abuse that took place during the incident.

When approached by PNG Loop, Baki confirmed that he has viewed the video and is disappointed and disgusted as he did not expect policemen to do such things.

Police chief condemns army behaviour

Commissioner Baki says that this is the kind of behaviour not expected of a disciplined force,  adding that he has had a meeting with his PNGDF counterpart, Commander Gilbert Toropo.

Baki says that in the meeting he expressed his concern at the lack of respect for the rule of law shown by the soldiers who mobilised in truck loads and damaged three police vehicles.