Commission of Inquiry

O’Neill testifies at UBS CoI

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the controversial Union Bank of Switzerland loan will commence it's two days public hearing starting today, Tuesday 30th of March at the Apec House in Port Moresby.

The inquiry will see witnesses presenting evidences of the processes and procedures followed by the government of Papua New Guinea in obtaining the off-shore loan from the Union Bank of Switzerland and other related transactions.

Kiribati announces Commission of Inquiry into ferry tragedy

The nation is in three days of mourning for those thought to have perished at sea after the ferry left on a journey from the island of Nonouti to the capital Tarawa three weeks ago.

President Taneti Maamau declared a public holiday "as a solemn day of remembrance and to honour those who have lost their lives in this tragedy."

The official mourning period started yesterday.

The Kiribati government said the inquiry would carry out "fact-finding missions" and "comprehensive investigations".

Landowners call on O’Neill to fulfill his promise

O’Neill announced in February that a Commission of Inquiry (COI) will be established to probe allegations into the Manumanu land deal.

However, he recently announced that the strength of the COI will be reduced to an administrative inquiry.

Manumanu committee chairman John Daroa said O’Neill must fulfil his promise to return the land in question to the customary landowners.

The landowners also demanded a written response from O’Neill of their initial correspondences dated February 8 and February 20 respectively.

TORs recommended for inclusion in COI

Joint Spokespersons, John Daroa and Rev. John Ovia in a media conference today thanked the Prime Minister for sidelining two of his ministers involved in the acquisition process and encouraged him to stick to his commitment in setting up the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the matter.

John Daroa said landowners in two separate letters this month raised their concerns with the Prime Minister over the allegations surrounding the compulsory land acquisition process of portions 154, 406, 421, 422, 423 and 424 of Manumanu (NE), Fourmil of Aroa, Central Province.

Duma declines to clarify his removal

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in a media conference on Monday announced that the Minister for Defence Fabian Pok and Minister Duma had stepped aside from their ministerial responsibilities pending the conclusion and outcomes of a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the purchase of Manumanu land to relocate the PNGDF establishments in Port Moresby to Central Province.

Duma told Loop PNG that the Prime Minister had already released the information and will wait for the completion of the COI.

COI must investigate all dealings: Kua

The PNG National Party parliamentarian leader made this comment following a decision by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for COI to investigate the land purchase to relocate the PNG Defence establishment out of Port Moresby.    

“The actual key to a successful COI is the scope of the TOR, which under the Act is prepared by the Prime Minister. Any limitation in the scope will instantly place restrictions on what is covered in the inquiry and the entire exercise will be farce,” Kua said.       

Retired judge to head COI into Campus violence

Justice Andrew will be supported by a team of technical and legal experts that will soon be appointed.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, said the Commission of Inquiry was essential in helping to better understand what transpired in recent weeks, as well as to preventing a repeat in the future.

“We all need answers, right around the country, to understand the factors leading to the escalation of student protests and the acts of violence that we have seen in recent weeks,” the Prime Minister said.