Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru

VIDEO: Stronger ties with China

Maru said ties with China should be enhanced through a bilateral agreement focusing on aid.

Fiji and PNG trade feud to be ironed out

 “The Fijian team will work with their PNG counterparts to resolve the issue of biosecurity pathways and also discuss other trade issues that can facilitate bilateral trade,” Fiji’s Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Faiyaz Siddiq Koya stated in a letter to his PNG counterpart.

“There for we request a meeting with your Ministry Officials and NAQIA on Monday. Furthermore, in order for the team to undertake technical assessments visit to the following facilities on the dates proposed are also part of the planned visits.”

Maru confident ban will be lifted

Minister Maru last month bluntly issued threats to ban certain Fiji made products into the bigger PNG market if its Melanesian neighbour do not explain why Ox and Palm, Paradise Biscuits and Trukai Rice are banned.  

This resulted in the Fiji Government sending its Trade Commissioner to PNG Navitalai Tuivuniwai Biosecurity Authority (BAF) of Fiji chief veterinarian Dr Sian Watson, BAF chief plant protection officer Nilesh Ami Chand, and BAF trade facilitation and compliance team leader Ronal Prasad over the weekend to Port Moresby.    

Maru welcomes Fiji’s inspection

He welcomes the response by Fiji’s Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister, Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, to send two officials from its Biosecurity Authority to PNG to meet with officials from the National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA).

Minister Maru said the meet will urgently resolve pending issues regarding the opening of the biosecurity pathway between Fiji and PNG for Ox & Palm, Snax biscuits and Trukai Rice to be exported to Fiji without any more restrictions.

PNG Loops 5@ 5

Maru warns against proposed rice policy

He was responding to questions from Rabaul MP Allan Marat in the morning session of Parliament.

Marat asked if a policy, which will give a single company monopoly, will strain ties with Australia.

PNG imports K700 million of rice annually, and Australian company Trukai is the major importer.

Minister Maru, in response, said he had already sought advice from WTO in-country and legal advice from the State Solicitor’s Office.

"Such a policy will be in serious breach of our obligation as a member of the World Trade Organization," Maru warned.

ESP to produce stock feeds

Yangoru Saussia MP and Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru said during the launching today that work will start in three months time.

The launching was done at Yangoru Station in East Sepik Province.

"We will for the first time in the country’s history produce stock feed after 40 years of importing from Australia," Maru said.

The project will be done within the Sepik Special Economic Zone.

Kumul Consolidated Holdings have patterned Innovative Agro Industry Ltd to develop the K55 million project.